Enaforsholm Fjällgård

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Warm welcome to Enaforsholm Fjällgård - the place for outdoor activities and adventures. Here at the foot of the mountain Storsnasen with the river Enan a few meters away, you will live comfortably in one of several lodging options. Enaforsholm Fjällgård offers lodging in hotels, hostels and cottages.

Enjoy really good food in an environment that invites you to both relaxation and adventure.



Stay comfortably in one of our eight hotel rooms. All rooms are beautifully decorated and booked with full board. Sit down in one of the couches in front of the fireplace, enjoy a hot sauna and a three-day dinner after a day on the mountain.
Vandrarhem till höger

Affordable hostel

Akademiflygeln is our hostel, which offers single and twin rooms at a really good price. Here you have the opportunity to cook your own food or enjoy your meals in the restaurant.
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Rent a cabin

Our cottages are popular among families with children and friends. Here are cabins from two guests up to eight guests. Right now we offer an extra good price when all cottages will be renovated shortly.
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40Minutes to Åre

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1. Always serve something to eat
We serve lunch every Friday all winter and if we are in here other days, we always have some food or coffee to offer.
2. Perfect day trip
We offer several activities for those visiting us for the day. Go skiing in our cross-country tracks, enjoy a Swedish fika, borrow snow shoes and explore the nature. Hot tub, sauna and shower are available. Snowmobile trail goes all the way to the hotel and be sure to visit us when we have dinner and the bar is open.
3. Good, local food for hungry adventurers
We strive to always offer an experience beyond the usual, so also when it comes to the food. In addition to working exclusively with really good ingredients, we always want to surprise our guests with new, good flavors.
4. Easy to travel to us by car and train
You can come all the way to us by car and train. For those traveling by train, we pick you up at Enafors Train Station. Our guests enjoy cross-country skiing during the days in a real mountain setting, as well as visiting Storlien for really good alpine skiing. For those who travel by train, you can enjoy a full day in the ski slope and then be back in time for dinner.