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Green lush landscapes or sparkling winter. Your most enjoyable mountain holiday is spent at Enaforsholm. Here in west Jämtland between Åre and Storlien you can experience fantastic scenery up close. It is no co-incidence that people have been coming here since 1937.

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– Enaforsholm Fjällgård, a West Jämtlandic gem

The basis of our menu is meat from our own sheep and cows, and fish from Jämtland. We prepare delicious vegetarian dishes. Accommodation at Ena­forsholm is in pleasant rooms and cabins. Waterfalls, a garden, good fishing, hunting, canoeing, nature trail. Close to Enafors railway station.

Enaforsholm 289, Duved · +46 (0)647 73026, info@enaforsholm.se · www.enaforsholm.se

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Tripadvisor: http://www.tripadvisor.se/Hotel_Review-g3228486-d3477739-Reviews-Enaforsholm_Fjallgard-Enafors_Jamtland_County_Jamtland_and_Harjedalen.html


Whether it’s during your Christmas or Easter holidays, school breaks or a long weekend; for your ultimate mountain holiday make sure you stay at Enaforsholm Fjällgård. Situated in West Jämtland, between Åre and Storlien, you’ll see nature in its full glory up close. It is no coincidence that skiers and mountaineers have made this their first choice since 1937. If you love the mountains you will find everything you could wish for at Enaforsholm Fjällgård.

The Accomodation

Sleep well for reasonable prices

Enaforsholm Fjällgård offers comfortable accommodation with the mountains right on your doorstep, yet the prices are surprisingly low in comparison to many other places. We can accommodate up to 50 guests. We renovated the main building 2009 where we now offer hotel standard rooms. In other buildings you share bathroom facilities with others. We have a range of rooms, from the deluxe to more simple varieties.


Simply sleep one night in a sleeper train from Stockholm or any other place with direct sleepers to Duved. Change train and go on to Enafors station in the morning and you have just a few minutes walk to Enaforsholm.

By car, take the E14 past Östersund and Åre towards Norway. The road is easy to find and leads to Enaforsholm. Offcourse you also can drive from Norway via Storlien.

By airplane to Vaernes international airport (Trondheim, Norway) 90 km or Åre-Östersund domestic airport, Sweden, 140 km.

About Enaforsholm

Enaforsholm is situated right in the middle of the wilderness, beneath the magnificent Snasahögarna and picturesquely encircled by the Enan rapids, but is still very easy to reach. The E 14 (or European Highway 14) is only a couple of hundred meters away. There is also the Enaforsholm Station if you prefer to travel by train. From here we can pick up your baggage so that you can get your first taste of the mountains on a short walk to your accommodation.

As you approach, you will most likely physically be able to feel how the sight of the building eases that load of your shoulders. The atmosphere at Enaforsholm Fjällgård often has a nearly magical calming effect on its visitors and you will feel instantly relaxed by your surroundings.

Enaforsholm Fjällgård is owned and managed by The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (Kungliga Skogs- och Lantbruksakademien-KSLA) through the donations of the A.W. Bergstens Foundation. It is driven in the form of a corporation (AB Enaforsholm).

Your Hosts

Let Bo and Ingalill look after you

Your hosts here at Enaforsholm Fjällgård are Ingalill Samuelsson and Bo Berglund. Bo is also CEO for AB Enaforsholm and an appraised cook. Ingalill comes from Jämtland and Bo originates from Uppland. Both have worked in the mountains of Jämtland during most of their adult lives. With the rest of the staff, they will make sure you have a fulfilling stay.

Contact your hosts

Telephone: +46 647 730 26

Mobile: +46 705 27 30 26

Email: info@enaforsholm.se


Mountain Knowledge Course – Become a Mountain Expert

Every year, The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) arranges a week long course in the Summer at Enaforsholm Fjällgård. The 2015 course is held July 18-25.

Course Content:

Long-distance hiking over Storulvån, Sylarna, Storiekvollen and Blåhammaren.

Lectures about hiking, botany geology, reindeer husbandry, forestry and ornithology.

Price List 2014

5 300 SEK students

8 500 SEK professionals

The price includes all lectures and excursions in the program, transport, food and lodgings throughout the week.

For more information about the 2015 course contact:

Eva Ronquist +46 8-54 54 77 06

E-mail: eva.ronquist@ksla.se


For everybody, be it summer or winter

Enaforsholm Fjällgård is open all year round as its natural beauty is just as intense in the winter as the summer. There is so much on offer that many of our guests continue to return year after year, whether it is for a winter ski holiday or for the many beautiful colours covering the landscape in the autumn months. We offer our guests homemade meals of local recipe and a friendly, restful atmosphere. Just remember to book ahead of your stay. We have plenty of rooms, some designed for a high comfort visit, whilst we also offer a simpler variant.

Winter at Enaforsholm

Paradise for Winter Lovers

During winter you can experience the wonderful ski trips in our well-groomed trails that begin right on your doorstep.

Either by car or by taxi, the journey is short to Storulvån, where many start at the Jämttriangeln to Sylarna, over Blåhammaren with its famous restaurant-and then back to Storulvån.

Feel free to pack your ice skates with you. There are wonderful skating trails; for example the 9km trail between Enan and Ånnsjön. You can also skate the whole way round Ånnsjön and on other nearby waterways. The ice invites you to skate over its bright reflective surface and fully absorb the stunningly beautiful winter landscape.

Only a short distance away there lies a great variety of slopes and lifts for downhill skiing. If you’re in need of something more child-friendly then take a day to visit Storlien (15km) where the hills have relatively easy slopes to contend with. Another option is to drive the 50 km to Duved and Åre, where you can descend from the pistes after riding up them in Scandinavia’s biggest ski lift system.

A wonderful time of year

Summertime at Enaforsholm is completely and utterly wonderful. When mountain tourism first started gaining pace sometime in the 20th century, it was the refreshing summers here that they sought. Clean air, clear blue skies and the display of its magnificent nature meant that people travelled from all over Sweden to reach the area for relaxation and health reasons. Those are still extremely valid reasons to this day. There is so much on offer here at Enaforsholm; nature trails, swimming, canoeing or fishing in the Enan rapids (you’ll get a free fishing permit with your stay here). Get the full impact of the view from the lookout tower, visit the Enaforsholm Mountain Garden or the roaring waterfalls and caves. For a laidback day trip; go from Silverfallet at the Snasahögarna’s mountain slopes (about 12km easy walking there and back) to Högåsen, Rensjöarna, Handöl, Storulvån and other great sites nearby. Alternatively, you can explore West Jämtland by bicycle. Should this appeal to you then only a short ride away (about 10km) lies a lake populated by Europe’s largest assortment of lakeside birdlife, Ånnsjön.

Enaforsholm Garden

A Mountain Garden worth a look

Many have heard of Enaforsholm because of its famous mountain garden. Here, there is a variety of over 50 different woody plants, trees and bushes, as well as 200 different perennial plants. Enaforsholm’s Mountain Garden was first created in 1949 by Gardening Expert Sven Gréen (1905-1990), but horticultural gardening has taken place here since at least 1885.

The garden was the subject of Professor Börje Lövkvist’s (1914-1994) (Alnarp) studies of plant responses to low temperatures (night frosts) during the growing season. Since 1991, the focus has been to consciously form the garden to demonstrate the plants in the harshest climate zone (plant zone 8) as the location has the most potential for the most optimal conditions in Sweden for them to grow in.

Enaforsholm’s Mountain Garden is managed by the Academy together with Sweden’s Agricultural University (SLU), The Institution for Landscape Architecture Alnarp and the Experimental Department for Northern Sweden’s Gardening, Röbäcksdalen/Öjebyn.

In the garden there is an experimental plantation of assorted woody plants for Northern Sweden. At the end of the garden there is also a wood dated from the 1950’s with several different conifers.

The garden is cared for by horticultural and landscape architectural students at Alnarp, under the guidance of the landscape architecture academician; Kjell Lundquist. The Garden is open all year round, free of charge. Some rarer but also hardier plant species are for sale; of both roses and various perennial plants.

 More Activities

Take your time and enjoy

There is so much to do here, in the area around Enaforsholm. During wintertime there is, of course, skiing, whether downhill or crosscountry and also iceskating.

During the summer the possibilities are endless. Be it cycling, canoeing, fishing, birdwatching or hiking, make sure you take the time to enjoy it all to its fullest!

Cross-Country Skiing

Terrific Trails

Make sure you go on one of our well-groomed trails during wintertime, which begins right on our doorstep.

By car or taxi the journey is short to Storulvån, where many start at “Jämttriangeln” or to Sylarna, over Blåhammaren with its famous restaurant-and then back to Storulvån

Downhill Skiing

Like to slalom?

Enaforsholm Fjällgård lies in the middle of three of Sweden’s most famous ski resorts; Storlien, Duved and Åre. At only 15km away, Storlien is a mere 15km away. Most of the slopes there are easy and child-friendly. Duved lies 45 km east of Enaforsholm. Don’t be surprised if you see some of the elite alpine ski clubs there because this is one of Sweden’s most respected training runs with a wide selection of easy to challenging slopes.

A few km further east is where you will find Åre, which has Scandinavia’s largest ski lift system. People travel here from all over Europe travel for the resort’s wide range of slopes, shops and restaurants.


Spectacular Skating Trips

Feel free to pack your ice skates with you. There are wonderful skating trails; for example the 9km trail between Enan and Ånnsjön. You can also skate the whole way round Ånnsjön and on other nearby waterways. The ice invites you to skate over its bright reflective surface and fully absorb the stunningly beautiful winter landscape.


Mountain Hiking

More and more people are discovering how wonderful it is to hike. You can stroll around Enaforsholm on beautiful nature trails, or take day trips to Silverfall in the Snasahögarna mountain slope, to Högåsen, Rensjöarna, Handöl or Storulvån. Take a car or a taxi and you will quickly find yourself at Storulvån, where many start their hike in Jämtland Triangeln to Blåhammaren and Sylarna.


Free Fishing

Free fishing at Enan is included for guests who are staying the night at Enaforsholm Fjällgård. Fishing licenses are also available to buy from us for those not staying the night for Enan along with licenses for Handölan, Ingolvån and ponds and streams up to the E 14. We also sell licenses for Lake Ånnsjön’s licensed fishing areas.


Canoeing for everybody

Make sure you find the time to canoe during your time at Enaforsholm Fjällgård. The difficulties range from canoeing the rapids, to calmer conditions at Lillån. You also have the option to hire a Canadian canoe from us.


Enjoy a refreshing bicycle ride

Discover West Jämtland on your bicycle. You can hire a bicycle from us which can take you for example to Storulvån, 17 km away. A short ride away from Enaforsholm (around 10 km) lies Ånnsjön; a lake populated by Europe’s largest assortment of lakeside birdlife. There you can stop for some birdwatching, see the birds’ nesting areas and bird tower. Alternatively, you can hire a mountain bike in Åre and test out the slopes on the back of your bike. Feel free to ask us for the best place to hire your bicycle


Beautiful Birds

About 10 km away from Enaforsholm lies Ånnsjön. The place is a must-see for bird-enthusiasts and anyone else who wants to see the beautiful wildlife. The best time for bird watching is June.


Go deer and grouse-hunting.

With the cooperation of Handöls Town Fellowship, Enaforsholm Fjällgård arranges hunts in the West Jämtland Mountains. The Handöls Town Fellowship arranges a hunt within an area of the grounds on the north side of Snasmassivet. It reaches from the road to Storulvån to the west, past the Hunting Lodge by Silverfallet.


At Enaforsholm Fjällgård, you can hold your conference in peace. With the Snasahögarna and the Enan rapids as your backdrop, you’ll find you will make the best decisions.

We can accommodate up to 50 guests in 2-4 person bedrooms. There are also a few self-catered cabins, and the option of dinner and board is also available. Our spacious conference rooms can accommodate a large number of people. We also welcome smaller conference groups.

The main building has an en-suite per room whilst our other buildings have shared bathroom facilities.

We offer parking with outlets for engine heaters connected to the main building.

Bicycles and canoes can be hired here at Enaforsholm.

If you have any questions or wish to make a reservation, please contact us.

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